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History of THE BEERY FAMILY of Page County, Iowa
Phyllis Fulk and Lois Brown Miller

Abraham Beery b. 1736 and Elizabeth Gochenour
Henry L. Bumgardner, Jr. reprinted the History of the Decendants of Abraham Beery, by Joseph H. Wenger, Pub.1905, 317 Pages. An original book in posession of his father, H.L.Bumgardner,Sr. was in deteriating condition and out of print for years. Thx for saving the book Cuz!
Henry L. Bumgardner, Jr.
Claude M. Shawbell III
Raymond Beery
Magdalena Beery b. 1732 and Johnannes Hunziker b. 1728 (Hunsaker):
Kimbley A. Clair
Nicholas Beery, Jr. b. 1739 and 1st wife Mary Keller
John 'Red John' Beery b. 1765 and Margaret Shaver: Rochelle R. Phillips
Abraham b. 1773 and Catherine Fast: John L. Poling.
Nicholas Beery,Jr. b. 1739 and 2nd wife Mary Good:
Mark William Hill
George Beery b.1743 and Mary MNUknown:
Catherine Barton
Beery Ancestor's in the American Civil War Many Beery names other than my direct lineage is listed here. Your Beery ancestor may be here! Contact me if your Beery ancestor served and is not listed.Claude M. Shawbell III

NOTE - Two books on the history of the Beery Family were written:
  • (1) 'History of the Decendants of Abraham Beery' by Joseph H. Wenger, Pub.1905. Much of Mr. Wenger's material was obtained from Alphaeus W. Dupler, and there have since been found several errors in the genealogical records of both men.
  • (2) 'A Beery Family History' by William Beery and Judith Beery Garber. Printed by the Brethren Publishing House, Elgin, Illinois; 1957. A far more accurate, well documented, and detailed Beery Family record, however there are no more copies of this excellent book available.

Michael BIERE b. abt 1620. He married Magaret B_TLER /BULER. He lived at Diessbach, Bern in 1645, and at Buchholderberg from 1649 to1664.
Children of Michael Biere and Margaret:
Hans BIERI, b. 31 Oct 1652, Oberdiessbach. m. abt. 1681Madlena ROHT b. c 1663. They lived at Buchholderberg in Oberdiessbach. He may have been the Hans Bieri who was a follower of Jakob Amman but asked to return the Reist group in 1700. His son Nicholas may be the Mennonite who came to Pennsylvania.

Children of Hans Bieri and Madlena:

Nicholas Biere (Beery) ~ The Immigrant 1727
Nicholas BIERE (BEERY) abt 1697 (some info as 1704) Berne, Switzerland d. 1 Oct 1762, Shrewsbury twp., York Co.PA. m. Barbara MILLER b.1707 Switzerland d. 27 Jul 1788 York Co.,PA.
**Barbara m. Jacob KEGY between Jul 1766 / Jun 1767.
He arrived on the Ship Friendship in Philadelphia on 16 Oct 1727 with a large group of Mennonites. He settled in York County shortly after his arrival and was granted a patent for 200 acres on 11 Oct 1736 along Codorus Creek. He patented more land in York County in 1742 and 1755. His land was sold to son Abraham Beery in 1767 by his wife Barbara and stepfather Jacob Kegy.

Children of Nicholas Biere and Barbara Miller:

John BEERY (BIERE) b. abt 1722 Germ. m. Catherina HUNZIKER. John and his mother were appointed on Oct. 22, 1762, as administrators of his father's estate in York County. John was a farmer.
Children of John Beery and Catherina Hunziker:
  • Jacob Beery
  • Daniel Beery
  • Anna Beery m. SEITZ.
    Magdalena BEERY, b. 3 Jan 1732, East Manchester, York Co. PA d. 9 Aug 1796, Springhill, Fayette Co. PA on 15 May 1750 m.Johannes HUNZIKER (HUNSAKER) b. 22 May 1728, Weisbaden, E.Baden, Germany d. Jul 1815, Jonesboro, Union Co., IL.

    Children of Johannes Hunsaker and Magdalena Beery:

    Magdalena Beery and Johnannes Hunziker (Hunsaker)
    Kimbley A.Clair

    Abraham BEERY, b. 1736, Springettsbury Manor, York Co., PA d. 26 May 1799, buried in Massanutten Cross Keys Presbyterian Church Cemetery. m. Elizabeth (Mary) GOCHENOUR, born? died ?1800, buried in Lindale Mennonite Church Cemetery near Edom, VA . d/o Jacob Gochenauerof Manheim twp.

    Children of Abraham Beery and Elizabeth Gochenour:

    On 9 Jun 1767 his mother, stepfather, and his 8 siblings and their wives and husbands deeded to Abraham all right to the estate of his father's property in Manchester Township. On 14 Nov 1768 Abraham bought two tracts of land in Shrewsbury Township, York Co. from Abraham Weldi (Weldy) of Maryland. On 23 Jan 1769 Abraham and his wife Elizabeth sold to his brother, Nicholas Beery, Jr. the land.
    Nicholas Beery b. 1764 PA d.Rockingham Co. VA m. Barbara KAGY b.York Co.PA d. Apr 1815 Rockingham Co. VA. She was said to be a first cousin to John Beery's wife of the same given and surname-Barbara Kagy.

    Abraham 'Brush Abe' Beery b. 1786 Rockingham Co. VA. d. 12 Feb 1870 Rockingham Co. VA m. 1st: Unknown 2nd: Mrs. Hannah Robinson-ALLEBAUGH b. 26 May 1799 d. 6 Aug 1874 Because of so many Beery Abraham given names he took 'Brush Abe' from the fact he lived in the Brush Country. He died 50 yards from where he was born.

    Josiah Beery b. 30 May 1818 Edom, VA d. 20 Apr 1882 m. Anna S. JACOBS b. 7 Nov 1819 Fauquier Co. VA d. 4 May 1905 South English, Iowa.

    John Washington Beery b. 9 Sep 1844 Edom, VA d. 1927 Arkansas City, Sumner Co. KS m. Rebecca SWARTZ b. 22 Feb 1847 Fairfield Co. OH.

    John moved from Edom,VA to Lancaster, OH in 1864. He and Rebecca moved to Shelby Co. IL where he engaged in farming. In Dec. 1892 the family moved to Sumner Co.,KS where John was engaged in the grain and coal business at Ashton, KS.

    Thomas Calvin Beery
    Ruth Estella Beery
    Ruth Estella Beery

    Thomas Calvin Beery b. 6 July 1870 Fairfield Co. OH d. 22 March 1938 Arkansas City, Sumner Co.,KS m. Cora Belle DAVIS b. 23 Apr 1875 d. 24 May 1946 St. Louis, MO. Married: 19 Nov 1892 at Ashton, Sumner Co.,KS

    Ruth Estella Beery b. 8 Aug 1894 Ashton, Sumner Co.,KS d. 27 Apr 1932 Arkansas City, Cowley Co.,KS. m. Henry Ernest BUMGARDNER
    Ruth died of complications after appendictomy operaton.

    Henry L. Bumgardner,Jr.
    Claude M. Shawbell, III

    Nicholas BEERY, Jr. (BIERE) b. 16 June 1739, York Co., PA m. 1st: Mary KELLER.in Pennsylvania. m. 2nd: Mrs. Mary GOOD (GROW) in Virginia in 1789.
    Nicholas lived in Manchester twp., and then moved to Shrewsbury twp., by 1763. He then moved to Rockingham County, Virginia in 1780. He was taxed at Rockingham County, Virginia in 1783. He signed a Mennonite petition as Nicholas Biri in Rockingham Co., Virginia in 1784. He bought a large tract of land in Ruch Creek twp., Fairfield County, Ohio where he died on 16 Feb 1812.
    Children of Nicholas Beery and Mary Keller:
    Children of Nicholas Beery and Mary Good:
    John L. Poling.

    George BEERYb. 1743. m. MARY.
    Children of George Beery and Mary_______:

    Catherine Barton