Civil War Diorama: ©C.M.Shawbell III | John G. Shawbell, 9th KS Calvary, GAR Medal-Photo-Muster Card
John P. Ordway - 'Let Me Kiss Him For His Mother'

Our Family Ancestor's in the Civil War
Beery - Browning - Bumgardner - Covington - Evans - Gingery/Gingerich - Martz - Minehouse - Pritchett - Oryall - Sammers - Seney - Smith - Shawbell - Strayer

Civil War Engagements: Trans-Mississippi Theater Kansas Territory / Kansas - Missouri - Indian Territory / Oklahoma - Arkansas


Arkansas Federals ~ Colorado ~ Illinios ~ Iowa~ Kansas ~ Missouri Federal Militia ~ Union Indians ~ Wisconsin

Arkansas Confederates ~ Confederate Indians ~ Louisiana ~ Missouri
Texas :: Confederate Soldiers of Northeast Texas

Civil War Daily Gazette
The American Civil War is now celebrating its sesquicentennial. Each posting will present the news as it happened 150 years ago to the day. Check back often for the latest news from the front! Chime in, comments are very encouraged. -Eric
Original Glass Plate Civil War Photographs
©The United States Library of Congress
Source: Virtual Civil War. com
These are outstanding photographs, most have never been published.
This is the war your ancestor experienced !

'Whose Father Was He?': A Five Part Essay
by Errol Morris
The soldier’s body was found near the center of Gettysburg with no identification — no regimental numbers on his cap, no corps badge on his jacket, no letters, no diary. Nothing save for an ambrotype (an early type of photograph popular in the late 1850s and 1860s) of three small children clutched in his hand.......

Julia Cutler's Civil War Journal
On April 12, 1861, Julia P. Cutler was living in Constitution, Ohio, six miles from Marietta. An avid reader, Julia Cutler was also an avid letter writer--and she kept journals. When news of the fall of Fort Sumter reached the Old Stone House in Ohio on April 13, 1861, Julia Cutler began a journal. She wrote in it every day throughout the duration of the Civil War.

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'This Mighty Scourge'
Michael Noirot

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