Georgia~Texas Census: Covington Info
Covington Names in the Civil War

Archibald 'Arch' Covington b. 1826 NC d.? m. Elizabeth_____ b. 1830

Children of Archibald 'Arch' Covington and Elizabeth:

1850 Archibald Covington in Cass County, Georgia

1850 US Census: Georgia: Cass Co., Division 12. Enum: 16 Oct 1850 pg.372 Enum. Alex Shrup, Ass't Marshall
Dwelling: 1237 Family: 1260
  • Arch Covington age 26, Farmer b.NC.
  • Elizabeth age 27 b.GA. Wife
  • James M. age 2 b.GA
  • Laura A.J. age 7mos b.GA

1860 Archibald Covington to Texas

1860 US Census: Texas: Red River Co.: Enum: August 1860. by W.P.Corneilus
Dwelling: 512 Family: 512
  • A. Covington age 34, Laborer, b.SC Estate Value: 200.00
  • Elizabeth age 30 b.GA Wife
  • James M. age 11 b.GA
  • Jane L age 10 b.GA (Laura A.J.)
  • Thomas age 8 b.GA
  • Charles age 4 b.GA
  • Mary age 2 b.GA
  • Bud age 1 b.AR

1880 US Census: Texas: Red River Co.: Precinct. 2. Enum: 7 June 1880
Dwelling: 70 Family 74
  • A.M. Covington age 56. Widower. Farming.
  • L.A. age 30 b.GA (Laura A.J.)
  • Mary age 22 b.GA
  • J.E. age 19 b.GA (daugh. b.aft 1860)
  • J.P.Watts(Watto) nephew, age 18 b.GA (Father b.GA Mother b.NC)
Elizabeth is not listed and may have died between 1860-1880. J.P.Watts a son of a sister to Archibald Covington. Which?

1880 US Census: Texas: Collin Co.: Justice Precinct No. 6. Enumer: 10 June 1880 by J. B. Rogers
Dwelling:182 Family: 185
  • James Covington age: 31 (b.1849) b. GA Fb.GA Mb.GAMarried. Occupation: Farm Laborer
  • Mary J. age: 36 (b.1844) Married. b.KY Fb.VA Mb.KY Keeping House
  • Charles A. age: 5mos. (b.1880) Son. b.TX Fb.GA Mb.KY
  • Ann E. Thompson Sister[in-law] age:40 (b.1840) b.KY Fb.VA Mb.KY Single. Idiotic. Canít read or write.

1880 US Census: Texas: Red River Co.: Precinct. 2. Enum: 7 June 1880
Dwelling: 72 Family 76
  • T.J. Covington age 28, Farming b.GA
  • J.F. wife age 25 Keeping house b.AR
  • J.T. son age 3 b.TX
  • T.M. son age 1 b.TX

1900 US Census: Texas: Collin Co.: Justice Precinct No. 6. Enumer: 23 June 1900 by O. A. Covington
Dwelling:282 Family:293
  • James Covington HeadH age:50 (b.June1850) b.GA FB.AL Mb.ALYears Married: 21 Occupation: Farmer.Owns Home. R&W
  • Mary wife age:57 (b.1843) b.KY Fb.KY Mb.KY Years Married: 21. Number Children Born: 3. Number Children Living:3 R&W
  • Charles A. son age:20 (b.June 1880) b.TX Single. Student at School/10mos.
  • Edna daugh. age:18 (b.1882) b.TX Single.
  • Tom son age:15 (b.1885) b.TX Single. At School/7mos. Farm Laborer

1900 Thomas Jefferson Covington to Indian Territory (Oklahoma)

1900 US Census: Indian Territoy Pickens County: Precinct. 2. Enum: 12 June 1900
Dwelling: 138 Family 162
  • Thomas Covington age 48, b. Nov 1852 GA Farming
  • Effie wife age 25 b. Aug 1874 TX Number of births: 4. Number Living: 3. Keeping house
  • Eddie daug age 6 b.Mar 1894 IT
  • Robert son age 4 b.Aug 1895 IT
  • Lalia daug age 2 b.Apr 1898 IT
*Number of years married 8 [Married: 1892]

Effie Smith - Covington 1875-1958
Effie Smith - Covington
Abt 1940
Effie Smith and Thomas Jefferson Covingtion abt 1920
Effie Smith and Thomas Jefferson Covingtion
Abt 1920

Robert 'Bob' - Eulalia 'Lalia' - Edna 'Eddie'  Abt: 1907-08
Robert 'Archie' - Eulalia 'Lalia' - Edna 'Eddie'
Abt: 1906
Edna Maybel Covington - Shawbell
Edna Maybel Covington - Shawbell
Abt: 1955

Thomas Jefferson COVINGTON b. Nov. 1851 GA d. 1931 Pernell, Garvin Co. OK. married abt 1890 2nd wife Effie SMITH b.1874 Tarrant, Hopkins Co.,Texas. d. 6 Mar 1958 Wynnewood, Garvin Co.OK
Children of Thomas Jefferson Covington and Effie:
  • Edna 'Eddie' Maybel b. 28 Mar 1894 Ardmore, Pickens Co. I.T. d. 27 Nov 1986, Seminole, Seminole Co., OK m.Claude M. SHAWBELL, Sr.
  • Robert 'Archie' Archibald, Sr.b.8 Aug 1895 Ardmore, Pickens Co. I.T.d. JUL 1979 m. Stella Bell b.10 Oct 1899 d.JUN 1981 (Stella is sister to Ellis).
  • Eulalia 'Lalia' b. 8 Aug 1895 Ardmore, Pickens Co. I.T. d. Jul 1979 m.b.19 Apr 1898 d. Jun 1981 m. 1st: Ellis R.L. BELL d.1936 (was gassed in WW1). m. 2nd: Bruce WHITAKER

The Real Wild West: Texas - Indian Territory

Tom and his family were living in north Texas and Tom was 8 years old when the Civil War started and his father, Arch joined the Confederate Texas Cavalry. After the war north Texas was sparsely populated and still a bastion for many men who fought for the Confederacy. A Confederate Post Office was at Tarrant, north of Sulfur Springs, Hopkins County throughout the war.

Around 1880 Tom was a law enforcement officer for the Paris Texas District, which was in the juristiction of the Federal District of Arkansas headquartered in Ft. Smith. His job took him to all parts of north Texas and Indian Territory, from Paris to Gainsville to Sherman,Texas to Ardmore I.T. and Ft.Smith, AR. Indian Territory was still in devestation after the Civil War in the 1880 and 1890's. Lawlessness abounded all over Indian Territory and Texas from whiskey running, cattle rustling and murder.

Brother James Covington in a shootout 1876:
James was in a well known shoot out in Red River Co., TX over a mule that got into a neighbor's corn field. He ended up the only one left alive. He was later exonerated but then charged with a liquour violation according to a Court Docket I found in the archives of Judge Parker's Federal Court in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. A short time later James moved near Clarksville, married and settled down in 1880.

1876: Texas: Red River Co.: Fugitives from Justice: Adjutant General's Office, State of Texas Red River County:
Indicted May 1876 Murder.
Covington, James A.__Murder; committed '76, indicted May, same year; 28 years old, 5 feet 10 inches high, weight 165 pounds, light complexion.
*This information was copied in 1878 by Texas Ranger Sergeant James B. Gillett Published by State House Press 1997.

The Dixon murder in Ardmore, Indian Territory: This incident was reported The State Herald, Ardmore October 17, 1895:
M.W. Dixon Killed By J. H. Forlines: Whose Young Wife He Had Hypnotized and Debauched. (yes folks, times don't change much!)
The murder happened in front of Hutchinson & Lyle's shoe store on Main Street. The young Forlines turned himself into Deputy Hocker who turned him into Deputy Covington by whom he was taken to jail.

1930 US Census: Oklahoma: Garvin Co.: Elmore Township. Enumer: 19 April 1930 by Grame Rodgers
Dwelling:274 Family:274
  • Thomas J. Covington HeadH age: 78 (b.1852) b.GA FB.NC Mb.SC Marriage Age: 24. Owns Home. Home Value: 500. Occupation: Merchant/Grocery Store
  • Effie wife age:54 (b.1876) b.TX Fb.IL Mb.GA Marriage Age: 17.

Tom was diagnosed with cancer and his left arm was amputated causing him to retire from law enforcement. He was appointed Postmaster for he town of Pernell, Oklahoma on 2 July 1900. The Post Office was in their Grocery Store and Effie was effectively the Postmistress.

Postmaster Ledger Pernell OK