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Map: North Georgia
Map: North Georgia
Cass County was renamed Bartow County.
This is my old research map. Bartow is the county below Gordon County.
Map: Cherokee Nation
Old Map of Cherokee Nation
  • 1.Rome: Known as 'Head of Coosa'.
  • 2.Cartersville: Known as Hightower Town.
  • 3.Cassville: Not on map but would be just to the left of the capital 'C' on Canton.
  • 4.Dahlonega: Known as 'Lick Log'. Fort Dahlonega was one of the most infamous of the removal forts also called Fort Embry, it housed most of the area Cherokees prior to removal marches.
  • In Cass County (now Bartow) was Fort Means at Kingston. Between Cassville and Cartersville.
  • In Floyd County was Fort Rome.
  • In Murray County was Fort Hoskins.
  • Martha may have been born in any one of these Cherokee Villages: Two Ruins, Red Bank, Long Swamp or Hickory Log.

COVINGTON : North Carolina to Georgia to Texas to Oklahoma
HUFF : Georgia to Arkansas to Texas
COVINGTON : Covington Family Genealogy Page
  • Origin: England to America to N.Carolina to Georgia to Texas to Oklahoma
  • Religion: Baptist
  • Earliest Date Known: 1826
  • Arrived in America: ??
Archibald 'Arch' Covington b. 1826 NC d.? m. Elizabeth MNUkn b. 1830

Children of Archibald 'Arch' Covington and Elizabeth:

  • James M. b. 1848 d.?
  • Jane L. b. 1850 d.?
  • Thomas b. Nov. 1851 d. 1931 Pernell, OK [Claude M. Shawbell: Direct]
  • Charles b. Dec 1856 d.?
  • Mary b. 1858 d.?
  • Bud b. 1859
1850 US Census: Cass Co. GA, Division 12. Enum: 16 Oct 1850 pg.372.
Dwelling: 1237 Family: 1260
  • Arch Covington age 26, Farmer b.NC.
  • Elizabeth age 27 b.GA. Wife
  • James M. age 2 b.GA
  • Laura A.J. age 7mos b.GA
1860 US Census: Red River Co., Enum: August 1860.
Dwelling: 512 Family: 512
  • A. Covington age 34, Laborer, b.NC Estate Value: 200.00
  • Elizabeth age 30 b.GA Wife
  • James M. age 11 b.GA
  • Jane L age 10 b.GA (Laura A.J.)
  • Thomas age 8 b.GA
  • Charles age 4 b.GA
  • Mary age 2 b.GA
  • Bud age 1 b.AR
Georgia to Arkansas 1858-9 then to Red River County, Texas

HUFF: Huff Family Genealogy Page

  • Origin: England
  • Earliest Date Known: 1800
    Tennessee to Cass Co.Georgia to Arkansas to Texas to Indian Territory.
  • Arrived in America:
1840 US Census, Cass Co., GA
John Huff
  • Males:
    • 1 under 5yrs (Richard)
    • 1 five to 10yrs (Benjamin)
    • 1 40 to 50yrs (John Huff )
  • Females:
    • 1 under 5yrs (Elizabeth)
    • 1 five to 10yrs (Amanda)
    • 1 20 to 30yrs (Martha A.)
    • Harriet and John W. not yet born. Twins: b.1844.

Martha A. Huff age 37 b. abt 1813 TN or ,GA d. TX married John Huff b. abt 1800 GA. d.? aft: 1840

1850 US Census, Cass Co.,GA

  • Martha A. Huff age 37 b. abt 1813 Cass Co .,GA


  • Amanda age 16 b. 1834(Twin)
  • Benjamin age 16 b. 1834 (Twin)
  • Elizabeth age 13 b. 1837
  • Richard age 9 b. 1841
  • Harriet age 6 b. 1844 (Twin) [Claude M. Shawbell: Direct]
  • John W. age 6 b. 1844 (Twin)

COMPILING INFORMATION: Huff / Covington. North and South Carolina to Georgia to Arkansas to Texas. Civil War. North Texas Post-Civil War to Indian Territory.

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