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Pennsylvania German Ancestors
by Anne Frysinger Shifflet, Ph.D. AFS Pubications, Frederick 1999

Dr. Shifflet has used primary and secondary sources to create a readable narrative while documenting each factual statement. She traces the stories of 60 immigrant family groups. Among them she has included the Gingrich (Gingerich, Kingery, Kingerich) family. She begins with a short resume of the history of the name. Then she discusses briefly, the first immigrants. However, her main focus is on the family of Michael Gingrich, who first purchased land in Lebanon Township in 1747. She goes into more detail here Then she lists two generations: Michael and his children; and Michael's son, Peter, and his children.

*Barbara L. Gingerich-Rivas can provide more info from the Shifflet Book and the Davis Book.

Emigrants, Refugees and Prisoners Volume III
by Richard Warren Davis, Provo, Utah 1999

The three volumes are an attempt to establish a link between the known Anabaptist families in Switzerland and Germany in the 1600's and 1700's and the Anabaptist families who arrived in Pennsylvania between 1709 and1776.

Mr. Davis lists five principal families:

  • Family E - John Gingrich bc 1695 d about 1769, Warwick Twp, Lancaster Co. PA
  • Family D - Ulrich Gingrich bc 1700 died about 1772.
  • Family F - Michael Gingery bc 1708 d 1785, Lebanon Townshp, Lancaster Co.
  • Family G - Peter Gingrich bc 1710 d 1786, Lebanon Township, Lancaster Co.
  • Family H - bc 1710 d 1776, Lebanon Township, Lancaster Co.

GINGERICH Families | Canada 1800:
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Timothy Oliver Waite

  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Religion: Mennonite - United Bretheren
  • Earliest Date Known: 1735
  • Arrived in America: There were at least two GINGERICH families who immigrated to America, one in the 1700s and another in the early 1800s.
  • Earliest Families from: Yost (Joseph) Gingerich, Micheal Gingerich and Peter Gingerich. Info that Yost and Micheal are brother's..possible that all three are brothers, as yet not proved. Difficulty is now in sorting out the 'same named' children of the original Gingerich/Gingrich families.

John GINGERICH (Kingerich) b.1745 d. Apr 1806 m. Elizabeth 'Betsy' SMUTZ (Schmutz) b.? d. 14 April 1825.

Children of John Gingerich and Elizabeth 'Betsy' Schmutz (Smutz):

  • Jacob b.12 Jan 1790 d.15 Jul 1872 m. Mary HERR
  • John b.12 May 1791 d. 11 Mar 1850 m. Martha COBB (Magdalena Kopff) Barbara Rivas and Denise Sallee
  • Martha b. abt 1793.? m. Christian STOUFFER
  • Elizabeth b.9 Nov 1797 d. 8 Oct 1827-28. m. Evan EVANS on 29 Feb 1820 Claude M.Shawbell,III
  • Nancy b. abt 1801 d.bef 1825 m.Henry LUTZ (left 2 children)
  • Barbara (twin) b.1806 d.? m. Michael BASHORE
  • Mary (twin) b.1806 d.? m. Conrad GROVE on 10 Apr 1823

Juniata County, Newspaper Obituary 30 Apr 1825:

  • KINGERICH, MRS., died at Clark's Ferry, Perry County, on Sunday last. Interred at Mexico in this county.(Death: 14 Apr 1825. Will of 25 April 1825 / Filed 25 May 1825)
  • Mary GINGERICH & Conrad GROVE m. April 10,1823. Conrad from New Berlin, Union County, Pa. and Mary from Juniata County, Pa.

Elizabeth GINGERY / GINGERICH b. 9 Nov 1797 in Town of Mexico, Dauphin Co. PA  d. 8 Oct 1827(8) in Mifflin Co. PA, married 29 Feb 1820 to Evan EVANS b. 19 Jun 1795 in PA d. 10 Sep 1834 in Mexico,Walker Twnshp, Juniata Co. PA.

Children of Evan EVANS and Elizabeth GINGERICH:

Marriages by John Hutchinson,Pastor, Presbyterian Congregation, Mifflintown and Lost Creek, PA. 1806-1844.

  • Evan EVANS to Betsy GINGERICH 29 Feb 1820.

Marriages of Northumberland & Union County Pennsylvania 1700 & 1800's:

  • Mary GINGERICH and Conrad GROVE m. April 10, 1823. Conrad from New Berllin, Union County, Pa. and Mary from Juniata Co.,Pa

  • John GINGERICH (Kingery/Gingrich) b. 12 May 1791 d 11 March 1850. Buried in Mexico Town Community Cemetary, Walker Twp, Juniata Co. PA m. Martha COBB (Magdalena Kopff) b. 24 Sept 1795 d. 14 Oct 1865. (Daughter of Ludwig Kopff and Anna Maria May) of Conestoga Twp., PA (Buried Eschol Cementary, Saville Twp, Perry Co. PA)

    Children of John GINGERICH and Martha COBB (KOPFF)

    • Jacob b 10 Dec 1815 - left home abt 1842/43 believed dead by 1852
    • Lewis Kirkpatrick b 21 Sept 1817 d 26 Aug 1891 Missouri (Lived in Saville Twp, Perry Co. PA) m. 12 mar 1846 Caroline Milier SHUMAN d. 16 Aug 1870 (Saville twp.. Perry Co. PA) Denise Sallee
    • John S. b 16 Oct 1819 d 17 Nov 1900 ( Pasadena, CA) Marr.11 Feb 1845 (Lewistown, PA) Elizabeth J. WALLIS (a Quaker) Barbara Rivas
    • Mary Ann b 10 Oct. 1822 m. Joseph HARNER
    • Phillip M. b 10 Sept 1824 d 4 May 1903 (Callaway Co. MO) m. MARY
    • George Washington b 28 Jan 1827 (In May of 1852 was living in Logansport, Cass Co. Ind.)
    • William W. b. 6 June 1829  d. 3 Jan 1895 (Juniata Co. PA) m. Amelia HETRICK(HEDRICK) .b.20 Sep 1827 d.10 Aug 1898 (dau. of Peter HETRICK and SARAH_____.Other Children: William, David, Jerome and Margareta Salome.
    • David C. b 16 Aug 1832 d. 24 June 1855 (buried in Eschol Cemetary, Saville Twp. Perry Co., PA. His father's will describes him as a lunatic, he obviously lived with his mother, and is buried next to her.
    • Elizabeth M. b 12 Sept 1835 d 9 Sept 1890 (Callaway Co., MO) m. 29 Jan 1857 Henry KIRKPATRICK
    • Tabitha b 12 sept 1835 died by 1852 (twin of Elizabeth)

    Note: Barbara Rivas: I have a lot of information on the Gingerich's in Missouri. *John S. went to Lawrence, Kansas as a circuit preacher. He was under the elder, S. Snyder, who was killed in Quantrill's raid on Lawrence. John S. also helped establish a church in Fulton, Callaway Co., MO., where most of his kinfolks settled. John S had 4 children.

    There is a man living in Richfield, PA. who is a descendent of William Gingerich (brother to my John S.). William seems to be the only one who stayed home in Juniata Co. This gentleman has a family bible. It is not the original Gingerich bible, but one that William or someone made. His name is Noah L. Zimmerman, R#1 Box 602 Richfield, PA 17086-9709 I have a whole slew of wills and papers from Mifflintown.. I was there several summers ago and just copied everything that had to do with Gingerich. I also got a will from Lewistown on an Elizabeth Gingerich who died in 1825 (more or less). On the inventory and sale papers of my John Gingerich's estate, the name is spelled about 5 different ways be the brothers themselves. I did find his gravestone though (pretty sure- the dates match perfectly) and his wife. His was in Mexico and her's across in Perry Co., Saville Twp.