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There are several variations of the Shawbell Surname in Europe and America. One particular spelling of the surname Chappelle is found about 1699 in Germany by genealogical researcher Herr Friedrich Wollmershauser. His information I present below states that the spelling is of French origin. The spelling variation could have changed over years to Schappell / Shobbell / Shopbell / Shaubell by the family living in Germany 50 to 80 years and to the present day. There is a village named La Chappelle in the providence of Doub, which borders Haut Rhin, and is close to the Swiss /German border, but I am more recently inclined to believe that another village named La Chappelle in Haut Alps as the former home of the Chappelle family before escaping with Waldenser leader Henri Arnaud from France to Germany and settling in the area of Durrmez and Schmie, Kingdom of Wurttemburg.

The Waldenser's in France

The Chapelle Surname is found among surnames of Waldenser's. A religious group founded by a wealthy merchant in Lyons, France by the name of Valdes in 1170.

Chappell Family Journey from France to Germany

  • Marc Chapelle and Antonine Simon
  • The Home of Henri Arnaud in Schönenberg, now the Waldenser Museum
  • From: Rich Thomas Genealogy

  • >
    Map 2: Shmie/Durrmez, Wurttemburg, Germany
    Map: Shmie/Durrmez, Wurttemburg, Germany

    Re: Friedrich Wollmershauser, member of the genealogical and Heraldic Society of Wurttemberg and Baden, Inc. of Southwest Germany. Dated Nov. 27, 1977.

    The name was originally Chapelle, and the families belonged to the group of the Waldenser, which was a religious sect founded in 1176 by a rich merchant of Lyon with the name of Walds (sic). The members of this sect were oppressed by the catholic church since 1184 and lived in the underground. In 1699, many members of this group have been driven out of France and came to Wurttemberg, where they had their own church until 1820. Some of them emigrated to America in the 1700s and 1800s. I have found the churchbook-entries for the Chapelle family as follows:

    Charles Solomon CHAPELLE and Madeleine SIMON had the following children:

    • Jeremie b. 25 Nov 1725 Arrived America on Ship 'Patience' 9 Sep 1751. Berks Co. PA
    • Eberhard b.10 Mar 1727 Died in Infancy in Durrmenz,Wurttemburg, Germany
    • Eberhart b. 22 Aug 1732 Arrived America on Ship 'Patience' 17 Sep 1753. Berks Co. PA

    Re: Friedrich Wollmershauser, member of the genealogical and Heraldic Society of Wurttemberg and Baden, Inc. of Southwest Germany. Dated March 9,1979.

    Paragraph Three: Marc Chapelle arrived in Durrmenz in 1699 with his wife and one child. In. 1702 he is mentioned in a list of Waldenser in Durrmenz, aged 32 with his wife Anthoinette, aged abt 30 and a daughter Marie aged 2. (Source: Haptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart A240 Buschel 46f.,189f.) In 1712 he was living in Schmie with his wife and four daughters and one son. In 1708 and 1719 he is also mentioned to have lived in Schmie

    Note: Notice Herr Wollmershauser then calls Marc Chapelle's wife Madeleine, which is her name on the baptisimal records of their children.(Baptismal Records of the Waldenser Church Durrmenz)

    I believe family of Charles Salomon Chapelle's wife Madeleine Simon probably came from Arvieux en Queiras (Dep. Hautes-Alps, France) where several Simon families emigrated from.

    We are exploring the possible connection of the Shawbell surname to this family because of the similarity of past location in France and Germany and 18th century America, and some of the family given names, and religious affiliations, and The Record of Clementine Shawbell complied from an interview with her father, John G. Shawbell in 1895 who states his Grandfather, Soloman was born in France. Also, please refer to Russell Shopbell's lineage of the Chappelle / Schappell / Shopell family of Windor Castle, now Perry Township, Berks Co. PA.

    Jacob Shopbell House: Ohio 1832
    Jacob Shopbell House
    Re: Russ Shopbell:
    My great grandfather moved here, where I now live in Ohio, in the year 1832. His grave is about 7 miles from my home. Above photo: The house Jacob built when they came to Ohio in 1832. I took the picture in 1977, the house is all gone now.

    Berks Co., Windsor, PA: These stone carvings are now in a stone wall around a cemetery, they once were in a church wall. I was to this cemetery last August. The top name Eberhardis my ggg grandfather, the bottom right is his brother's, even then they didn't spell their name the same way.

    Note: See the carving images and it will be clear why Russ and I have explored the association of our surnames.

    Huguenots in Pennsylvania

    ciiisiii note: I am adding this for researcher's whose ancestor's were perhaps Huguenots who fled France. Our Seney ancestor's were follower's of the Huguenot and they fled to England in 1710. Huguenot and Waldenser were two distinctly different groups of followers.

    Pennsylvania is a state where it is difficult to discover those who have a Huguenot ancestry because many who fled from France before and after the Revocation went to Germany where they germanized their names and emigrated to Pennsylvania along with Germans considering themselves to be Germans. Furthermore, as Pennsylvania had a large number of settlers who were German, the French emigres often changed their names to have a German form. Besides, they intermarried with the Germans and soon lost their French identity.

    Source: The Trail of the Huguenots in Europe, the United States,South Africa, West Indies, and Canadaby G. Elmore Reaman, Baltitmore Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. 1986.

    France: Chappelle ~ Chapelle | Germany: Shappell ~ Schaupel ~ Shaubel | America: Shaubel ~ Shaubell ~ Shawbell

    The earliest written records of our Shaubell/Shawbell family lineage:
    Handwritten Record by Clementine S. Shawbell-Delbridge, Feb 1895, Pasadena, CA:
    First Shawbell Family Genealogist

    Father's great-grandfather came from France, his name was Solomon. His grandfather came from Germany to Pennsa., his name was John. *Father's father was born in Pennsa. and his name was John. He had six children named, Daniel, Margaret, John, Catherine, Jacob, and Mary. All which are dead but Catherine, Margaret and John (my father).

    *Clementine's Mystery* Was John G. Shawbell's father really born in PA or Germany?
    Father's father was born in Pennsa. and his name was John.'

    Note: Ever since Russ Shopbell and I exchanged family info I began to search for John, possible Father to John Shobbell b. 1781 PA. My research has found several John's in Russ Shopbell's early lineage (but no details on them) associated with the decendents of the Schappel brothers who arrived in America: Jeremie in 1751 and Eberhard in 1753. Re: Russ Shopbell: Stones carved in 1774 on the wall of a cemetery (once on a church wall) is written different spellings of the brothers name: Eberhard Schappell and Jermias Schabell.

    Roots:Pennsylvania 1807 ~ 1855 : Lancaster ~ Juniata Counties

    1815: Lancaster Co. PA ~ 1835-1845: Juniata Co.PA

    The earliest record of John Shawbell:

    1830 US Census:Pensylvania, Lancaster Co, Lancaster City, PA

    1840 US Census:Pennsylvania, Juniata Co., Fermanagh Township, Borough of Mifflintown. Enuner: James Schrach

    Not in Household: John G. b.1820, Margaret b.1817, Daniel b. 1815. John married: 1842. Margaret married: 1841. Daniel moved to Ohio before 1840.

    John SHAUBELL b. 31 Jan 1781 d. 9 Jul 1845 Juniata Co. PA. m.Elizabeth WEAVER b. 12 Aug 1792 Lancaster Co. d. 2 Feb 1844 Juniata Co. PA. m. 15 Apr 1815. John was a Blacksmith.

    29 Jun 1997 Juniata County Historical Society Researcher.Robert L. Winder, Mifflintown, Juniata Co.,PA.

    At long last, we have located records for grave stones removed from the Messiah Lutheran Church cemetery, formerly in Mifflintown, now paved over into a parking lot. Found:

    These stones were, in 1978, stored either under the porch of the manse, or under the altar in the church. Can not vouch as to their present location. Now must see if there are some of the Martz folks with similar stones.
    Note: Their gravestones are spelled as SHOBBELL, however Juniata County Records spell surname as SHAWBELL in Mifflin/Juniata Co.PA. Family records correspond with birth and death dates.

    Daniel Shobbell b.15 Nov 1815 Colombia,Lancaster Co., PA d. 19 Aug 1864 m. Elizabeth Mary 'Polly' RICE b.19 Dec 1822 Turbett Twp.,Juniata Co.PA. d. 25 Dec 1855 Rome,Richland Co., OH. m. 1841-42 Juniata Co.PA. Daniel, like his father John, was a Blacksmith and Wagonmaker by trade.
    Daniel Shobbell 1st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, Co. D

    Died: 19 August 1864 near Love Joy Station and possibly buried in the Dorsey Plantation Cemetery area for the Union soldiers killed in battles near the railroad station at Love Joy. This was part of the Altanta Campaign.

    Children of Daniel Shobbell and Elizabeth Mary 'Polly' Rice:

    Daniel was the administrator of his father's (John Shawbell d.1845) estate which finalized in 1850. After which Daniel and Elizabeth moved to Blooming Grove, Richland Co.,Ohio in 1850.(John G.,his brother and wife,Maria and daughter,Sarah left to settle in Indiana Co.,PA). Later they went to Rome, Richland Co.,OH where Elizabeth died in 1855. Seems that after Daniel enlisted in 1861 Margaret, the oldest, and her sister Sarah went back to Juniata Co.PA.as Margaret married William Rice Haines in Turbett Twp.Juniata Co.PA in 1867. Sarah married Isaac Milton Goshen who was born in Patterson, Juniata Co.,PA. She was living in Colorado Springs,El Paso Co,.CO in 1875. She died in Strong City, Chase Co., KS and is buried in Cottonwood Falls, Chase Co,.KS. John G. and family lived in ajoining Coffey Co,.KS at Ottumwa since 1857.

    Margaret Shobbell (Shawbell) b.8 Dec 1817 in Lancaster Co.PA. d. aft 1898 Kansas City,MO. m. Soloman MARTZ b.13 Sep 1815 PA d.14 Sep 1862. Married by Rev ? Lilly on the 29 Sep 1840, Borough of Lewistown, Mifflin Co.,PA. m.2nd: Cornelius DEWEESE (no children) (Direct: Judi Assony)
    Soloman Martz 12th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Co.F

    The Solomon Martz family joined the John G. Shawbell family in the move to Kansas Territory in 1855. They all settled in Coffey Co.,KS in the new town of Ottumwa: Founded by John G. Shawbell, W.A.Bowen, Hamilton Smith, Gilbert Smith, and James Harris.

    Roots:Pennsylvania 1807 ~ 1855 : Lancaster ~ Juniata Counties

    Roots:Kansas Territory-Kansas, Coffey County
    1855 ~ 1903

    John G. SHAWBELL b. 6 May 1820 Columbia, Lancaster Co. PA d. 18 Dec 1903 Ottumwa,Coffey Co.KS. m.Maria Ann EVANS. b. 25 Dec 1820 Town of Mexico, Walker Township, Mifflin Co. PA d. 6 Jun 1900 Ottumwa, Coffey Co.KS. Married: 25 Oct 1842 in First Reformed Lutheran Church, Lewistown, Juniata Co.,PA. Like his father, John and brother, Daniel, John G. was a Blacksmith. Maria was a Hotel Operator / Cook.
    John G. Shawbell, 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry, Co. C.

    Children of John G. Shawbell and Maria Ann Evans:

    After the administration of John Shawbell's estate in 1850 John G.,Maria, and daughter Sarah went to Maryland, then Indiana Co. PA and Westmoreland Co., Pennsylvannia. While residing in Westmoreland Co. in 1855 they planned the trip West with John's sister Margaret and her husband Solomon MARTZ. Both couples and and their (then) three children each embarked on the river steamboat trip from Pittsburg to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas in 1855. Their Kansas journey was perhaps aided by the Emigrant Aid Society, who financed many free state people from Pennsylvania to settle in Kansas. They all stayed in Ft. Leavenworth, operating a Hotel out of an old rented building until the spring of 1857 when they settled in Coffey Co.KS.

    Maria's first cousin, John S. Gingerich , a circuit preacher in Pennsylvania also left for Lawrence, Kansas in 1855 with wife Elizabeth J. Wallis, and their (then)three children. He was called by the Elder, S. Snyder, who was killed in Quantrill's raid on Lawrence during the Civil War. John S. served as Chaplain for the 5th Inf.Indian Home Guard.After the war he and his family settled in Fulton, Callaway Co., MO.

    From: Reminiscences of Coffey County, Portion of article by A.H.Fry, Coffey County Genealogical Library, Burlington, Kansas.

    John G. Shawbell family were among the first settler's of Coffey Co. KS Spring of 1856. John G.Shawbell, W.A.Bowen, Hamilton Smith, Gilbert Smith, and James Harris founded Ottumwa Township. John was a member of the GAR Veterans, and a past Officer of the organization. He was a member of the Free Masons, the first town Blacksmith, and Constable/Deputy Sheriff. The Shawbell's built the first Hotel in Ottumwa. A three story building at the north end of Leavenworth Street. Maria ran the Shawbell Hotel / House and was known all over the Neosho Valley for her cooking.

    The Shawbell House was built completely out of black walnut, by William Minehouse, husband of Sarah Shawbell. It was destroyed by fire November 1941, and was believed to be the oldest structure in Coffey Co. at that time.

    Kansas Civil War Veterans : Union Army

    Roots:Kansas Territory-Kansas, Coffey County
    1855 ~ 1903

    Our Ancestor's in the Civil War

    Roots:Indian Territory - Oklahoma

    Lewis Evans Shawbell 1851-1915
    Lewis Evans Shawbell
    Shawbell House-Pauls Valley,OK
    Shawbell House, Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., Oklahoma
    Katherine 'Kate' Seney-Shawbell and Kids 1920
    Laura, Claude, Kate, Clem.
    Eva, Roy
    Nettie, Alice, Kathleen
    Shawbell Sisters
    Laura, Eva, Kathleen, Nettie
    (Alice not pictured)

    Lewis Evans Shawbell ~ Katherine Susan Seney
    Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma

    Lewis Evans Shawbell came to Kansas from Pennsylvannia with his parents at age five, and he was ten years old when the Civil War broke out and his father left for the Civil War in the 9th KS Cavalry. Twenty-three years later he made the Land Run into Oklahoma Territory from Kansas. Lewis was a carpenter and wagon maker in Kansas. In 1877 he built and opened a carpentery and harness shop in Ottumwa,the same year the town baseball team was organised. His Uncle, William Minehouse, an experienced carpenter and builder was probably intrumental in teaching him the trade.In the late 1880's he was employed by the Missouri-Kansas-Texas RR as it built a Line through Burlington, KS. He met his future wife, Katherine while she was working on a cooking crew for the railroad, and they were married 22 Sept 1889. He was 38yrs old and Susan had just turned twenty on the sixteenth of the month. Shortly after marriage Lewis secured a Land Claim in the 1889 Oklahoma Land Rush. The first claim was traded for a second claim on which he built a home. In 1909 he traded this land for a 160 acre farm near Pauls Valley, OK.

    Land Claim Certificate: Oklahoma Land Rush
    Lewis Evans Shawbell : Oklahoma Land Rush
    Certificate Number #2002 Application 2793 in 1896 for 160 acres Signed by President Grover Cleveland.

    He built a home on his first claim, Claim One, but shortly after traded for a better claim (Claim Two) near 50th and May Streets in today's modern Oklahoma City,OK. He again built a home there himself and seven of eight of their children were born there. In 1909, Lewis traded the Claim for 160 acre farm near Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK. Katherine and her four daughter's took the train to their new home, while Lewis and his three sons transported the family belongings and stock by wagon. Their eighth, and last child, a daughter, was born in Pauls Valley, Garvin Co.OK Lewis and 'Kate' lived there the rest of their lives. Lewis E. and Katherine are buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., OK

    Memoirs of Nettie Sarah Shawbell-Caldwell b. 14 March 1905 in Guthrie, Oklahoma Territory - 15 Dec 2001 in Tulsa,OK. Daughter of Lewis and Katherine Shawbell.

    1900 US Census: Oklahoma Territory, Oklahoma Co., Council Grove Township. Enumer: 1-2 June 1900 by J.W.Markwell
    Shawbell spelled as Shuabelle

    1910 UKS Census: Oklahoma, Garvin County, Whitebead Township. Enumer: 20 April 1910 by R.F.Wright
    1913: Claude M. Shawbell, Sr. marries 20 Sep 1913 to Edna Maybel Covington on the Walter Beard Farm near Wynnewood, Garvin Co.,OK. Since he was married he was not drafted into Armed Forces in WW1.
    1915: Lewis Evans Shawbell dies of prostrate cancer in 1915 at age 64yrs.

    Lewis E. & Katherine S. Graves
    Lewis Evans Shawbell (Shaubell) and Katherine Susan Seney-Shawbell Grave
    Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Pauls Valley, Garvin Co., Oklalhoma

    John Roy Shawbell-US Army WW1
    1916-1919: John Roy serves in US Army WWI
    Fort Riley Headquarters Bldg, Fort Riley,Kansas
    Trained at Fort Riley, Kansas
    Clem Lewis Shawbell-US Navy WW1
    1916-1919: Clem Lewis serves in US Navy WWI
    USS Montana ACR13 World War One
    Served on the USS Montana

    1920 US Census: Oklahoma, Garvin County, Whitebead Township. Enumer: 30 Jan 1920 by August Slyckee *Pauls Valley Democrat (Pauls Valley, Okla.), Vol. 16, No. 43, Ed. 1 Thursday, January 1, 1920 Pauls Valley Man Shot In City
    C.L. Shaubell of Pauls Valley was shot and slightly wounded by "stick-up" men in Oklahoma City on Thursday night of last week. Mr. Shaubell was on his way to the Santa Fe depot to catch the night train for home when two men stepped out of an alley and demand him to "stick em up." He went for his gun and a bullet pierced his hand. The hold-up men fled. Mr. Shaubell was taken to the University hospital where his wound was dressed and he came home to next day.

    Lewis Evans SHAWBELL b. 17 Mar 1851 Walker Twnshp. Juniata Co. PA d. 29 May 1915 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co., OK. m. Katherine Susan SENEY. b. 16 Sep 1869 Macon, Macon Co.,MO d. 17 Dec 1927 Pauls Valley, Garvin Co. OK. Married: 22 Sept 1889, Ottumwa, Coffey Co.,KS. Lewis Evans was a Carpenter and Farmer. Katherine was a Housewife.

    Children of Lewis Evans Shawbell and Katherine Susan Seney:

    After Lewis Evans died in 1915 Claude,Sr. and his brothers, Clem Lewis and John Roy continued to farm cotton on the family farm at Pauls Valley, Garvin Co.,OK. The farm eventually went bankrupt, and the boys sought other employment. Claude became a tool dresser and driller for the Kerr McGee Oil Co. He lost his life at age 36 when a oil well rig boiler exploded on 27 Jan 1930 near Konawa, OK. Like his Grandfather, John G. Shawbell, Claude was a member of the Masonic Order attaining the 33rd Degree. Edna was a member of the Masonic Order Eastern Star. Claude and Edna are buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Pauls Valley, Carter Co., OK

    Claude M. and Edna M. Graves

    Obit: Claude Marion Shawbell, Sr.
    Claude and Edna
    Edna-Lewis-Claude Jr.-Nadine

    Claude Marion 'Jack' Shawbell, Jr. ~ Betty Alice Bumgardner - Shawbell
    Claude Marion, III ~ Lewis Ray

    Claude Marion 'Jack' SHAWBELL, Jr. b. 25 Jun 1918 OK d. 13 Mar 1989 OK m. Betty Alice BUMGARDNER b. 4 Apr 1921 KS d. 13 Sep 1988 AZ. Married: 25 Jan 1942, Yuma, AZ. Divorced: 1950. Claude M. Jr. was a Salesman. Served in US Army. Betty was a Cosmetic's Sales Supervisor & Buyer

    Claude Marion SHAWBELL, III b. 12 Feb 1943 TX (Living) m. Linda Marie ORYALL b. 15 Oct 1955 MS (Living) m. 14 Oct 1978 Williams, Arizona. Divorced: 1992.

    Lewis Ray SHAWBELL b. 2 Sep 1944 (Living) m. 1st: Frances Helen PRITCHETT b. 19 Nov 1947 TX d. Jan 2004 CA m. 23 Jul 1966. m. 2nd: Sioban GLEESON b. Ireland

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